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SUPPORTING ARTISTS TO CREATE UNIQUE mountain bike merch and accessories. Building a community of PASSIONATE MOUNTAIN BIKERS.

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Immediate value:

  • • Claim Free Jersey,

  • • Join a holders community,

  • • Voting rights on designs and brand direction,

  • • 20% discount in store.

Future value:

free merch and art airdropped. Entry into giveaways. Rewarded at events. Whitelist for future projects/collaborations.

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Purchase NFT to unlock full features.
Non-members are still welcome to all events.
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Purchase NFT to unlock full features.
  • • To join the club, mint your NFT with us on launch for 0.05 ETH. (Tutorial Here)
  • • Time to look the part. claim your free unique jersey and visit our exclusive merch store.
  • • Now the fun begins! Your NFT will grant access to our private discord community, free access to all our events or plan your own, enter monthly giveaways & much more to come.
  • • Lifetime value: Every new artist drop, you will be entered to recieve FREE products via our airdrop+claim feature.

Flow Collective


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Only 1000 memberships and jerseys released. X tier (500), Y tier (400), Z tier (100).

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Go to members section to claim free jersey. Store launches with other exclusive merch just for holders. Profit is given back in the form of events and giveaways. Only NFT holders can purchase.

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We will host a number of small scale meet-ups around the UK. Benefits for NFT holders.

Relaxed with a focus on fun for everyone. Think Spotify playlist, good food, and good trails.

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New Designs

We will continue with other mountain bikers/artists to release new lines. Again each exclusive NFT comes with matching Jersey & accessories.

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10,000 PFP

We will launch our 10,000 PFP project with the mission to crowdfund local MTB trails.

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Being first gives us a huge advantage.

If you believe in this project we will bring everyone along for the ride!

Frequently asked


What is an NFT?


Non Fungible Tokens are pieces of digital art that have proof of ownership. You own it exactly the same way you own your bike. You can sell it, you can destroy it. It’s yours. For the purpose of our project, they are simply a more advanced type of membership card. In the past, you would hold the card in your physical wallet, now you can hold the card in your online wallet. This opens up huge possibilities of what we can offer our members. Another important feature of NFT’s is there cant be any fakes. If you own one of 3000, thats it. We will treat every holding member with the value they deserve.

How to receive my jersey?


When you ‘mint’ (a fancy NFT word for purchase) your membership pass(NFT), there is a section in the members area that will allow you to claim your FREE jersey. Each membership pass (NFT) comes with one free jersey that matches the pass they hold. I.E. A gold Tier Z Membership pass comes with a gold jersey. Exclusivity: Only holders will be able to own the jersey. And the rarer the Membership Pass (NFT) the rarer that jersey is. Purchasing on the secondary market? Please check if your free jersey has already been claimed by checking the token. Not to worry though, we will launch a token gated store where only holders can purchase jerseys.

Whats our mission?


Fundamentally our mission is to connect passionate mountain bikers. Innovation has been incredible with the bike technology ; we feel the communities though haven’t innovated much since unfriendly facebook groups. In the past, you would purchase a jersey, and thats the end of the customer journey. What we are building, when you purchase the jersey, that is just the start. The artists have designed the jerseys to stand out for one reason. Seeing a rider in our colours allows you to feel instantly connected to them, knowing they are part of the collective. Not just another rider in FOX gear. Our mission in future is to create a platform for artists to design jerseys. The NFT blockchain for the first time allows artists to collect royalties when they are sold. Putting the money in the pockets of the people who earned it, the creatives.

How many tokens will be minted?


There will be a total of only 3000 membership passes (NFTs) split into three tiers of rarity: X, Y, Z(rarest). X – 500 (light blue) Y – 400 (pink and blue) Z – 100 (gold)

Who’s the team?


The team is me, Chris. Let there be no illusion and pure honesty. I poured my life savings into this project because i believe in it. However, this is a collective. WE are the team. We all get brought up by the success of the project. Im not here to get rich, i’m here to build something of value for my fellow riders and artists. I do ask we build this together because once you own a pass, you are one of the 3000 who believe in this project. We work with artists that also mountain bike. Firstly they understand the demographic, but more importantly they understand what we are building and what the jersey means to the person wearing it.

Whats the value here?


Aside from owning an artist designed jersey (we have gone to town on the quality of this – so be sure of that!). We believe owning our MTB membership pass (NFT) is just as important as owning a saddle on your bike. Its just another component that enhances your overall mountain bike experience. A good chunk of profit will be returned in the form of giveaways (e.g helmets), funding events, good causes, future art designs and projects. Deep down for us though if the NFT invites you into a close knit group of passionate riders, connected by the artist designed jerseys, well that to us is priceless.

How to purchase?


Purchasing is no doubt about it a very different process to previous web 2.0 stores, but this small hurdle is certainly worth it for the benefits. NFT’s have been around since 2017, so the methods of purchasing are safe and reliable. We will be on hand in the discord to help anyone with anything. To purchase: you must open up a ‘cyptowallet’. Our choice of wallet is ‘metamask’ (https://metamask.io/). This wallet holds your membership pass (NFT) – much like a traditional wallet holds your physical membership cards. Once you have a metamask cypto wallet, you can add some money to it. We accept payment via the currency ‘Ethereum’. This is comparatively speaking a stable cypto, in which holds the market share when purchasing NFT’s. Side note: Remember your 12 word seed phrase, incase you forget your password. NEVER share this 12 word seed phrase with anyone. Then, simply come to our website, connect your wallet and mint/purchase the membership pass. The NFT is then automatically sent to your wallet, and you now own it. Side note: Gas fees, are fees paid to the network for the cost of electricity to generate the token – much like paypals fees. Gas fees are lowest when the network is used the least. When our website sees you own the membership pass(NFT) in your wallet, it grants you access to the members area for access to all our members features – including how to claim your free jersey.

Featured Artist

Hasie & The Robots

Hasie & the Robots is the man behind the designs. His unique style just effortlessly flows into designs made for the trails.

Passionate MTB’er himself in his home country of South Africa. He has already made a name for himself in the NFT space with an All Mountain Style frame protection design NFT.

This guy is going to be huge in this space, making our collaboration even more precious.


Chris Stirrup

Chris Stirrup is behind the business direction. Having previously worked on several successful e-commerce businesses with a focus on the outdoors.

As a passionate mountain biker > 20 years, the excitement of a new type of bike club was impossible to ignore. Almost immediately he began his journey to basically find himself some new riding buddies!